Celebrating Achievement

Friday 15th October

Friday 8th October

Friday 1st October

These children have received a Reading Certificate

3M Keyaan Ashraf

12,370 words

3S Yousef Methani 

7,969 words

4M Malaika Khan 

46,821 words

4S Raza Hussain 

53,633 words

5M Inaaya Ashraf

73,818 words

5S Sara Hussain 

157,467 words

6M Sana Khan 

45, 204 words

6S Madiha Abbas 

63,799 words


Fantastic Mistakes 

6S - Inaaya Nauman – Listening to constructive feedback about her artwork and going back and editing it several times until she was satisfied with the finished result.

6M - Zunairah Khan - making fantastic mistakes when comparing numbers and using the concrete materials to support her 

5M - Ammar for being able to spot his errors when rounding numbers and accepting support from others to achieve the learning objective. 

5S - Sara Hussain - In her English learning when writing a conversation, Sara was motivated to tick everything off the success criteria, she was also motivated to independently use the new key skill (ing openers).

4M - Ibrahim El'Boukiri great improvement in understanding of mathematical symbols

4S - Amarah Khan for using her success criteria to round to the nearest 10


Sportsperson of the week

1M – Zayne Zemam – For fantastic listening and looking skills in P.E.
Isa Hussain – For always being kind to his friends and being a good team player.

2M – 
Minnah Hussain – For showing good confidence towards challenges in P.E.
- Sahil Tanweer – For reflecting on his performance in P.E and working hard to improve.

3M – 
Areefa Zahid – For kindly showing empathy and helping friends in her class.
3S – 
Ali Adnan – For being sensible and practicing skills in the playground.

4M – 
Hareem Arsalan – For imitating good practice and always working hard in P.E.
4S –
 Anam Imran – For questioning coach Amy and always ready to improve.

5M – 
Mustafa Ayub – For showing great determination in all hid P.E lessons.
5S – 
Hashir Aftab – For using positive and motivation language towards his class.

6M – Shazain Ali – For completing the aims and objectives of the lesson successfully.  
6S – 
Zainab Mobeen – For having the confidence to challenge herself and set herself targets.


Friday 24th September


These children have received a Reading Certificate

3M Sibtain Asghar

7,305 words

3S Zara Azmat

4,832 words

4M Rehan Ashraf

20,492 words

4S Yusaf Hussain

59,764 words

5M Talha Yasin

258,708 words

5S Umar Hataab

62, 530 words

6M Sami Ullah Rafiq

239,760 words

6S Hajra Noor

for passing 7 quizzes

Fantastic Mistakes 

Y6 Menaal Ali (Mrs Macquarrie's group): for using her survival kit in English.

6S  Aiza Ahmed: Her willingness to ‘have a go’ in maths rather than letting her fear of failure overcome her has allowed Aiza to gain so much confidence from realising her mistakes and correcting them.

5M Saleha Hussain: for recognising her mistakes this week when ordering numbers and remembering to use the place value columns to help her.

5S Mrs Ali's Guided Reading Group ( JK Rowling group): for using their survival kit goggles and correctly identifying and correcting mistakes in the model answer.

6M Sahar Shafqat: for making mistakes with her complex sentences and being able to reflect and improve them. 

4M  Zaroon Dilawar: for persevering creating circuits


Sportsperson of the week

1M- Gabriel Pranks – For being a good role model for his class.
1S- Inaaya Ahmed – 
For having the motivation to try something new.
2M-Ibrahim Fida – 
For using good communication skills and team work.
2S- Jannat Bhatti – 
Always trying hard to learn new skills in P.E.
3M- Harris Hussain – 
For challenging himself and never backing down to a challenge.
3S- Laiba Mudassar – 
For persevering in all her P.E lesson and never giving up.  
4M- Shayaan Khan – 
For always reflecting on prior lesson and using new skills towards games in P.E.
4S- Amarah Khan – 
Using good collaboration skills with younger children in dance after school club.

5M-Aisha Husnain – 
Showing fantastic defending and attacking skills in P.E.
5S-Soria Azhar – 
Imitating Coach Amy and using new skills in game situations.
6M—Mohammad Ali - 
Being a fantastic team leader and using his imagination towards invasion games.
6S- Hafsah Khan – 
Improving on her confidence each week in P.E.

Friday 17th September


These children have received a Reading Certificate

3M Ariba Abbas,

4,823 Words

3S Yousef Methnani,

4,334  Words

4M Muhammad Huzaifa,

29,714 Words

4S Raza Hussain,

56,226 Words

 5M Umair Altaf,

266,011 Words

5S Awais Atif,

92,863 Words

6M Amelia Tahir,

162,044 Words

6S Zainab Mobeen,

173,178 Words




Coach Amy awards certificates for PE 

1M  Maaz Ahmed - For demonstrating fantastic listening and looking skills in the lesson.
1S Menaal Usman - For having the confidence to try something new. 

2M Muhammad Ali - For practicing amazing throwing and catching skills in invasion games. 
2S Sumaya Ali - For understanding and explaining the principles of attacking and defending. 

 3S  Khansa Fatima - For reflecting on her performance and improving each week
3M Muneeb Ifzal - For taking part in after-school clubs and motivating his class in P.E    

4M Sarah Ali - For sharing great thoughts and ideas in her P.E lessons.
4S Zain Ali - For imitating coach Amy and practicing new skills. 
5S Vivien Vorosmarty - for trying new skills and showing great collaboration with her class friends.
5M Talha Yasin - for using fantastic teamwork and communication skills.
6M Kaif Hussain - Showing fantastic motivation towards objectives and aims in P.E.
6S Iqra Qasim - Being inquisitive and always remembering key information.