"Live To Learn. Learn To Grow."





Hello everyone, hope you are all trying your best with your home learning that has been set by your teacher. They would love to see what you have been doing...and the results of all your hard work.

Please try and take a picture of yourself learning at home and email it to your teacher. You could even add a little description of what you have learnt and enjoyed about the tasks.

Maybe you could also say what "Learning Power" you have had to use. *



At Marsden, we aim to create a supportive, inclusive community in which everyone collaborates with a Growth Mindset.

Through accessing a deep and enriched curriculum all learners maximise individual strengths in order to develop lifelong skills that will enable them to flourish as well-rounded, independent citizens.



As adults we will:  Guide, nurture and inspire all learners to be the best they can be through developing a love of learning and a desire to be successful.

As learners we will: Strengthen our positive mindset by embracing and developing our skills through engaging with, and learning from, our curriculum. On our learning journey we will work towards being resilient, respectful and kind. We will achieve this through following our school expectations and values.



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