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Year 6 Blog

art and design week

Council Webmaster (schoolcouncil) on: Year 6 Blog

This week year 6 have been recapping  what  biographies and  autobiographies are.

 We have gone over  what they mean, an autobiography means when you write about yourself and a biography means when you write about someone else. Our task was to create a biography about our partners including when they were born, where were they born, anecdotes and much more.                                                                                                                        

Also this week the whole school have had an art and DT week. Year 6 have been creating 3D models and have been knitting their own cushion.  


DT week

Council Webmaster (schoolcouncil) on: Year 6 Blog

This week year 6 have been learning about ,how to create a rolercoaster. We have been planning how to construct a ride and create our project. We have been working our socks off this whole week trying to create a ride that actually works. 

We've been following steps to make our way through this amazing chance of a lifetime (we are going to be making our ride in approximately three weeks.)

We have been constructing rides such as ferris wheels, carousels and merry go rounds.



Council Webmaster (schoolcouncil) on: Year 6 Blog

On Friday 10th March 2017, one of Google’s workers came to Marsden with something out of this world. A VR. Basically, a VR is a pair of goggles that let you see different thing as though you are really there. To make these activated, because we are year 6, Mrs Mac connected the iPad to the pixel phone that was attached to the VR. Year 6 explored different places such as rain forests, jungles and underwater adventures. We even saw a baby python lurking in the rain forest! We also searched for sharks, bugs and other unique animals. Every child was only given two minutes so that they wouldn’t feel queasy or sick. It was an exciting experience and we hope to try it again!

From Year 6


Sats week!!!!!

Council Webmaster (schoolcouncil) on: Year 6 Blog

After all the preparation,the time had come. SATS! This week ,Year 6 showed how knowledgeable they really are, by taking on tests. There  was 6 papers such as :math papers 1,2,3 , spag and spelling and  last but not least the reading paper.

 Hesitating was no problem, because they were fully prepared,after all the hard work and enthusiasm. Luckily for Year  6 they are being awarded a party and many more fun treats.

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What have year 6 been doing this week?

Council Webmaster (schoolcouncil) on: Year 6 Blog

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This week year 6 have been writing in their red assessment books.They have watched a short clip of Batman and then wrote a story about it. In maths we have been revisiting things like this: 8 divided by 20 + 20 = and fractions. Finally, for grammar we have been doing our cgp books.