Breakfast Club

Welcome to Breakfast Club where we aim to provide all our children with a healthy, nutritious start to the school day. Our Breakfast Club is sponsored by  Greggs Bakers therefore making it free of charge for our children to attend. As well as a good breakfast we also provide various indoor and outdoor (Summer months) games, movies, iPads and computers for the children to have fun and learn. Children are also able to complete their home learning if required.

We've been experimenting with new foods this term in Breakfast club including:

  • Spaghetti Hoops on Toast
  • Various jams such as Strawberry, Mixed Fruits, Blackcurrant
  • Porridge
  • Beans on toast
  • Hot Chocolate for cold mornings
  • Various cereals such as Bran Flakes, Cornflakes, Weetabix, Multigrain Hoops, Rice Krispies, Shreddies and many more
  • Various drinks such as Milk, Juice and Water

Breakfast club starts at 8:10am everyday and finishes at 8:45am. If children who have already eaten at home wish to attend, they can arrive after 8:30am.

If your child would like to attend please call in at the school office for further details.

Come and join the fun!


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