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School Council meeting 17/10/17

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Welcome to the school council blog! First the chairman talked through the agenda. The behavior around school was the biggest problem. So we decided to create a video which will be coming on the website soon...

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School council and pendle pupil parliament

Council Webmaster (schoolcouncil) on: School Council Blog

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This week in school council we have been deciding what to put on our amazing school website. (Kid zone)


So far a new thing we have put on is games and over the  next  few weeks we the school  council will be putting new thing on the kid zone. We have been focusing on behaviour and reading to make our school best it can be. Also we have been doing many interviews around the school.

Pendle pupil parliament have been trying make money to go to a trip to London and to a museum . We have been talking about littering  and  dog foul. We have many ideas . the will be a day that we will cleaning the environment of Pendle.

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