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Maths english and topic

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In Maths we have been looking at length and measuring - did you know there are 100 cms in 1 metre and 1000 metres in 1 kilometer?

In English we are learning about  the features of persuasive writing. Soon we will write own letter - can we persuade you to let us have a party?

Our topic this half term is Healthy Humans. We have been learning about different vitamins, minerals and nutrients and what we need to eat to be healthy. We did an experiment about the digestive system, it was great fun and very messy! We had also looked at bones in class and drew and labelled diagrams.


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Stone Age and Ice Age

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In Stone Age people made tools and weapons to kill their prey. They opened their stomach and whatever food they had eaten, they would eat it too. They ate the blood, their feet.

The Ice Age is when some people in Britain or other countries use stuff and make dens to give them shelter.

We are learning about a new story in reading, it is called The Tin Forest.

In maths we have been looking at things we can do mentally like subtracting and adding two digit numbers. We have also been adding money so people can buy ice-cream.

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Stories and Eruptions

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We have been doing Stig of the dump. In class we have been doing rounding and partitioning.

In topic we have been learning about volcanoes. They have lava inside. Lava is called magma and magma goes inside the lava and erupts. We have been looking at rocks for the past few weeks. We have been looking at a rock cycle. the rocks are cold granite limstone pumis and ba salt  also marble.

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In year 3 we wrote a discription of Fox .Fox has deep red amber eyes!He has a rich red coat.Also he has razor sharp teeth. he is malicious and vile. He is untrustworthy.

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In year 3 , we have been looking at volcanoes.We have drawn and labelled volcanoes.We found out that volcanic rock was the only rock which will float.It is called pumice stone.

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